Do you use special ice?

Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures grows the 300 pound blocks of crystal clear ice using the circulating tank method. The water circulates constantly, allowing the blowck to freeze from the bottom up and bringing all of the impurities in the water to the surface. This layer is then shaved off after harvesting.

How long does it take to make an ice sculpture?

It depends on the design, complexity, and intricacy of the sculpture. A standard single block sculpture such as a flower vase takes approximately two hours to sculpt. Add the time it takes to make the ice, create the design, prepare the ice for transportation, delivery, and set up, and the total time could be anywhere between five to seven hours.

Are ice sculpture molds used?

No molds here! At Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures, EVERY piece is hand sculpted from the 40 x 20 x 10 inch block. This allows us to create and customize any design that our clients can imagine.

How long do the sculptures last?

Most sculptures typically will be presentable for up to to five to six hours indoors. Outside in the summer, under cover, they will be presentable for approximately four hours. Generally the details melt away, but the shape of the sculpture will remain for much longer.

What happens to the ice sculpture after the event is over?

Most sculptures can easily be taken down without our assistance. However, Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures is available for breakdown and removal service with an additional charge. Larger sculptures such as Ice Bars, will include the cost of these services in the price quote.

How far in advance do I need to order the ice sculpture?

Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures asks that a minimum of two weeks notice is given for each order. Popular dates during the wedding and holiday seasons fill up quickly. Last minute orders can rarely be accommodated.

How far will you travel for an event?

At Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures, we are willing and able to travel around the country and abroad for special projects.

How much does an ice sculpture cost?

For detailed pricing information, please visit the “Order” page of this website.

Any additional questions call 512.560.2340 in Austin or 210.901.9340 in San Antonio or email: stl@fullspectrumice.com