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Products Frozen in Ice

Kickin It ATX Ice Sculpture Launch Party Event, Austin Texas

@kickingitatx brought the drip to a new level at this @nike shoe release party!

Product Testing tablet thermal testing computers torture testing

Things are afoot @dell testing the limits of their rugged tablets! 

From Displays to Product Testing

Do you have a product you’d like to see frozen in time, floating in ice? 

Every once in a while, someone approaches us with a truly unique request. Putting products on ice always tops the charts.

For the most part, we get two types of requests: (1) a product display, (2) product testing, or (3) BOTH – like Dell, who chose to capitalize on the product test of their new rugged tablets with a public viewing, proving the durability of their tablets live, in real time.

Frozen in Time

At Kickin' It's Air Jordan Launch Party

If us 90’s kids have done anything right by Gen Z it’s reinforcing the awesomeness that was and continues to be, the Air Jordan. 

I wore my first pair until it literally hurt to wear them they were so tight, and my best friends little brother wore them for a year after that. They go hard. Remember how fast you felt the first time you put on a brand new pair? Like you were lighter than air – magic for a jump shot.

And to my delight, Air Jordans made a come back as one of the most sought-after shoes on the market by 2021.

When Kickin’ It in Austin asked us to create something for the release of the new AIR JORDAN 2 X UNION LA SP ‘GREY FOG‘, we had just the thing.

Product Displays

We love this style. It’s got a bit of a vintage flare, bringing to mind “frozen in time” but almost like they’re flying. 

Anyone else just get a visual of Michael Jordan suspended in the air reaching for that dunk shot? Oh yeah…

To achieve our vision, we had to do the unthinkable, and submerge a perfectly good pair of Air Jordan’s in water. The only thing that made this easier was knowing our circulating tank method removes all the impurities from the water.

The water circulates constantly, allowing the block to freeze from the bottom up, bringing all of the impurities in the water to the surface. Then we just shave all that off.

Once the ice is formed and shaped, we run the block through the CNC machine to etch the words and logo art on the surface.

Delivery and Setup

Ice sculptures can be heavy! We do ask that our clients provide a table strong enough to hold it, but we do the bulk of the heavy lifting for you by delivering and setting up your ice sculpture.

It rests in a shallow tub with a drain and catch container, making clean up a breeze if you let it melt down.

So, unfortunately, we didn’t stay to breakdown this event. And we can’t help but still wonder…who got to keep those shoes? 

Product Testing

The Dell Tablet Durability Test

Dell needed to test the limits of their new Rugged Extreme Tablet.

You mean you want us to perform our very own version of a Myth Busters episode? Yes we will.

Just add Research and Development to our resume.

A stress test, sometimes called a torture test, “is a hardware assessment of a digital device where the device is run at or near full capacity for an extended length of time. The results of the torture test are studied and used to ensure system reliability under normal conditions.” (Techopedia.)

But will it work?

Click the video to see for yourself...

Thermal Testing

May we introduce you to, the THERMOTRON.

Thermatron products are used to provide environmental test equipment. You can test a variety of things from temperature, to vibration, and even thermal shock. 

Thermotron temperature chambers come in a variety of sizes and performance configurations for your performance and testing needs. 

Dell took every step to prove their tablets live up to the test. If you watch the video above, you’ll probably agree, rugged is right.

Battery Testing

Optima Battery Test

What about when we add fire to ice?

That’s what Optima Battery wanted to know. Taking their durability product test to the extremes.

We started by freezing a battery on ice.

But that wasn’t enough. Enter, the flame thrower.

Just another day at the office, right?

Thanks to @optimabatteries for including us in their demo of their amazingly resilient batteries and to @oxranch for welcoming us to your ranch!