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Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures grows the 300-pound blocks of crystal clear ice using the circulating tank method. The water circulates constantly, allowing the block to freeze from the bottom up and bringing all of the impurities in the water to the surface. This layer is then shaved off after harvesting.

It depends on the design, complexity, and intricacy of the sculpture. A standard single block sculpture such as a flower vase takes approximately two hours to sculpt. Add the time it takes to make the ice, create the design, prepare the ice for transportation, delivery, and set up, and the total time could be anywhere between five to seven hours.

No molds here! At Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures, EVERY piece is hand sculpted from the 40 x 20 x 10-inch block. This allows us to create and customize any design that our clients can imagine.

Most sculptures typically will be presentable for up to five to six hours indoors. Outside in the summer, under cover, they will be presentable for approximately four hours. Generally, the details melt away, but the shape of the sculpture will remain for much longer.

Most sculptures can easily be taken down without our assistance. However, Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures is available for breakdown and removal service with an additional charge. Larger sculptures such as Ice Bars will include the cost of these services in the price quote.

Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures asks that a minimum of two weeks notice is given for each order. Popular dates during the wedding and holiday seasons fill up quickly. Last minute orders can sometimes be accommodated. Rush fees will apply.

We are willing and able to travel around the country for special projects. Our typical service areas include Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, and St. Louis, MO. 

For average pricing information, please view our pricing sheet here.

Pricing for all sculptures are quoted on an individual basis. Because there are unlimited themes, styles, and sizes available, sculptures are priced based on design, complexity and size, not by block of ice. Please call or email your ideas for specific design ideas and corresponding quotes.

All quotes include the preliminary designs, ice sculpture(s), display equipment, set up and delivery fees. All of the preliminary designs used in the quoting process belong to Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures and are not to be used for any other purpose than purchasing from Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures.

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Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures gladly accepts most major credit cards, debit cards, checks, or bank transfers. A 50% deposit is required to hold the date and delivery time. Full payment is required two weeks before the event. A 3% processing fee will be applied to all credit card and debit card transactions.

Included in the price of the sculpture, Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures will provide a display tray with color-changing LED light and bucket to catch excess water. The client is required to provide a clothed and skirted table strong enough to support the weight of the ice.

In most cases, breakdown and removals can be handled by the staff at the venue of the event. However, Full Spectrum is happy to provide this service for a breakdown fee starting at $300. Ice Bar breakdowns start at $500.00 per bar for service before midnight.

After midnight, breakdowns include an additional $100 charge.

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