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The Minnesota Ice Maze: Large-scale installations made of ice

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aerial photograph of a large maze made of ice blocks

A Larger Than Life Ice Maze

This month we hit the road to travel up north and help bring Minnesota’s Ice Maze to life. 

And it takes A LOT of ice – over one million pounds!

Crafted into large blocks, the ice is stacked to build the walls of this life-sized maze! Partnered with Viking Lakes, Minnesota Ice is bringing the largest ice maze ever seen to the Twin Cities.

We travel all across the country producing and collaborating on large installations. Bringing a large scale event like this together, requires a lot of planning and a lot of skill. We’ve teamed with some of the best in the industry to make it happen for this event.

Come see us if you’re in the neighborhood! It’s open daily from January 6 – February 19, 2023.

wall of ice with boy carving into the side

Large-Scale Installations for Big Events

This month we headed off to the Winter Skolstice at Viking Lakes for the Minnesota Ice Maze. Where’s your next big event?

Here’s how it works.

We load a truck(s) with our ice blocks, grab our tools and jackets, and come set up on location at your event. Some of the sculptures may be cut or carved beforehand, and are carefully secured for transport. But we can also carve on-site to give your audience the added pleasure of live demos. We can also stick around on location to keep your sculptures in tip-top shape and make adjustments for traffic or weather.

Here, at the Minnesota Ice Maze, you can see we’ve got a combination of small to large sculptures, in addition to the ice blocks that create the maze.

The options really are endless.

Imagine what we could create for your next event!

Our ice is built to last. After all, they’re made to withstand the Texas heat and last for hours outside even in the summer months.

When other event activities and attractions get cancelled due to weather or supply chain issues, we can be the vendor you can count on. And we always attract a crowd. 

Discover More

Be the place to be! You want to start a buzz around your next event and get more people to attend. We know it. You know it. And we’ve got the solution. 

Our sculptures regularly get more people talking, snapping photos, and spreading the word. So you can attract more visitors and more opportunity.

We help you create an experience for your guests. Whether that’s an artistic display or a large-scale installation. We can help you breathe more life into your event with a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

How can we help you attract more visitors? It’s a no-brainer really. You’ll increase

  • media reach
  • community engagement
  • potential revenue

Work With Us

Spark some magic and make some noise! 

We know how to make a scene. In all the right ways. So if you’re ready to make a statement, we’ll mark it in bold. 

Contact us to find out more about our large-scale event installations and ice sculptures. 

Let’s make your next event, THE event to see.