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Wedding Ice Sculptures to Inspire Your Spring Wedding

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Love is in the air, and so is spring! That means that spring weddings are just around the corner and our team here at Full Spectrum Ice is ready!

In this post, we’re breaking down the many ways you can incorporate wedding ice sculptures into your big day, from full ice bars to champagne holders to food displays. We’ll show you how to put your unique personal stamp on your wedding and truly make it seem like you’ve thought of everything!

Because wedding ice sculptures will give your big day that extra special touch you and your love deserve!

The Impact of Wedding Ice Sculptures on Your Big Day

When planning their weddings, many couples strive to incorporate personal touches in their wedding décor. The first décor pieces you may think of when personalizing your wedding day may be infusing your favorite colors or creating a customized wedding monogram.

The next décor pieces that should be on your wedding planning checklist are wedding ice sculptures!

Not only can we include your wedding colors AND your wedding monogram into your personalized ice sculpture, but an ice display is also a creative and unique décor piece.

Wedding ice sculptures and engraved cocktail ice help put your distinct personal stamp on your big day. They also make for excellent photo opportunities that will have your guests raving for years to come!  

So if you’re stuck on ways to truly make your wedding day your own, there’s no need to think twice – Just think ice!

Types of Wedding Ice Sculptures

We can create just about anything you can dream of for your wedding ice sculptures! Customization is our specialty and we’ve done it all, including floral infused ice bars and larger than life food displays. If you’re craving an ice sculpture, but aren’t sure what that exactly looks like, keep reading to find out some inspired ways to use ice for your wedding!

Ice Bars

It’s your big day, so go BIG with an ice bar! The ultimate showstopper, an ice bar is a fantastic way to dazzle your guests while still being practical, as you can use the ice bar to serve drinks or food. For a beverage ice bar, we can include a built-in ice luge on the bartop, creating an even cooler experience for your guests. For a food ice bar, we can create tiers where the food will sit, perfect for a seafood display!

No matter which ice bar you have at your wedding, we can engrave your monogram on the front to make it uniquely yours.

Bonus points for taking your ice bar one step further by infusing floral into the legs and/or creating an ice backdrop, like we did with our hanging ice crystals (pictured below)!

Food Displays

Having a cold food display at your wedding? Put it on ice!

We can craft an entire food display made of ice to serve as a showpiece at your wedding reception! Whether you have a floral infused ice sculpture to add some color to your buffet line or a complete seafood ice tower, we can help customize every inch of your wedding reception.

Ice sculptures elevate a wedding to be more luxurious, especially when you have a focal piece like a seafood ice bar or tiered ice food display.

Custom Ice Sculptures

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to your wedding ice sculptures! Guests are always wowed by a monogrammed ice sculpture, but if you want to take your wedding décor to the next level, let’s create a completely custom ice sculpture just for you!

From a recreation of your beloved dog to a royal ice throne to a 3D fish that elegantly showcases your love of fishing, we can work one-on-one with you to design a sculpture that perfectly encapsulates you and your fiance’s personalities.

We’ve even created a life-size 3D elk ice sculpture to fit this couple’s affinity for the outdoors!

Martini Monogram Luge

One of our most popular wedding ice sculptures, a martini monogram luge is both gorgeous AND functional! Our couples love a martini monogram luge because it is emblazoned with their wedding monogram and they can use it to serve their specialty drinks.

Guests will be dazzled by your wedding bartender pouring liquor down the luge into their drinks. These luges are fun and unique, creating interactive photo opportunities for your loved ones.

No monogram? No problem! Our in-house design team can create different design options for you based on your initials, wedding date, or other desired text or image.

Champagne Bottle Holders

Enhance your wedding bar with a champagne bottle holder made of ice! It’s one thing to put champagne in buckets of ice in the back, where no one can see them. It’s a whole other thing to display champagne in a show-stopping way front and center at your reception!

Couples love our champagne bottle holders because, like the martini monogram luge, they are both aesthetically appealing and functional. The ice holders will naturally chill the champagne, so that when it’s time for the wedding toasts, you not only have a wonderful showpiece for these photos, but you have perfectly chilled bubbly!

Engraved Ice Cubes

Take your wedding monogram one step further by engraving it on specialty cocktail ice! We can engrave your initials on 2-inch wide cocktail ice cubes to use in your wedding’s specialty drinks and cocktails.

Engraved ice cubes are just the thing that will wow your guests and show them that you’ve thought of every last detail at the wedding!  

Classic Ice Sculptures

Wedding ice sculptures come in a variety of shapes and sizes! Our Classic ice sculptures are timeless, adding a touch of elegance to your celebration. From our classic oval sculpture with your monogram on it to a cutout ice sculpture of your initials, these ice pieces are guaranteed to make anyone smile.

Pro tip: Ask your wedding florist to create an additional arrangement to set at the base of your wedding ice sculptures! The floral will add pops of color and an organic quality to the ice. Just check out the ice sculptures we did recently at The Videre Estate!

Interlocking Hearts

What says love better than 2 interlocking hearts? As a visual representation of your new union, you can’t go wrong with this ice sculpture! This style is also ideal for anniversaries, proposals, Valentine’s Day, or any other celebration that you want to make extra special.

Wedding Venue: Fairmont Austin

Ready to Order Your Wedding Ice Sculptures?

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