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2022 in Review: Our Coolest Ice Sculptures of the Year 

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Another successful year of ice is in the books! 2022 was our coolest year yet. From special collabs to life-size ice sculptures, the ice chips definitely flew this year. 

As 2023 approaches, we’re stepping out of the freezer to lay out our biggest and best ice sculptures of 2022. Even though it’s the end of the year, we hope these ice sculptures serve as a starting point to inspire next year’s ice sculptures to be even better.

Let’s dive in!

The Kickoff

We started off the year with a bang at the Packers vs. 49ers playoff game at Lambeau Field! To know us is to know that we love ice and we love football. And nothing makes us happier than putting the two together! 

When we were commissioned to create this life-size sculpture of Aaron Rodgers, we just knew it was going to be a good year.


Winter is the perfect time for a live ice carving demonstration! Seeing us in action as we create our ice sculptures onsite is always a crowd pleaser. It also makes for a great photo opp after the piece is complete.  

Dare we say that this rock n’ roll ice sculpture was brrrilliant? Yes, we do!

Perhaps these ice sculptures were foreshadowing the year to come…! Keep reading to find out who we partnered with for more epic football ice sculptures later in the year.

Big Brand Collabs

The name of the game this year was collaboration! Having been in the business for almost 20 years, we know that teamwork makes the dreamwork. 2022 brought us collaborations with big brands, like SeaWorld San Antonio and Nike

We celebrated the opening of SeaWorld’s newest ride, Tidal Surge, with a branded seafood tray. 

We then went on to partner with Nike for their latest sneaker release: the AIR JORDAN 2 X UNION LA SP ‘GREY FOG‘. If you never thought that sneakers could be frozen in ice, think again! We are experts in freezing just about anything in ice. Check out how we make the magic happen HERE.

One of the best parts of our job is that we are constantly celebrating with our clients! We helped cut the red ribbon with a custom ice sculpture at Austin’s newest live music venue, the Moody Center. 

This marked the start of our Moody Center collab that would continue throughout the rest of the year. We got to help start the party when Machine Gun Kelly came to play and welcomed Harry Styles to the Live Music Capital of the World.

The only question now is… who’s next?

Life-Size Ice Murals


Does anyone dream about ice or is it just us? Based on the visions that our clients bring to us, we’re convinced we’re not alone! 

This year, we went all out for some big celebrations! From grand openings to award winnings, we poured our hearts and souls into creating these life-size ice murals. 

These ice sculptures brought the WOW factor to these events, using about 10 slabs of ice each to produce these one-of-a-kind pieces. 

We can safely say that the only thing that topped these ice sculptures was the clients who allowed us to think outside the blocks! 

Full Spectrum in Action: Live Ice Sculpture Demos 


We may be biased, but we’ve found that live ice carving demos are the best way to add audience engagement to an event! It injects an element of excitement into the air, as your guests…

Hear the roar of the chainsaw. 

See the ice chips fly. 

Watch as a block of ice transforms into your mascot, your logo, or in COTA’s case this year, an F1 race car! 

The home of Austin’s leg of the famed Formula 1 race, the Circuit of the Americas, invited us to live demo 2 ice sculptures this fall.

We had an action-packed weekend at F1.

On one day, we sculpted an exact replica of an F1 race car

On the other day, we carved and chiseled the iconic COTA observation tower! How exactly did we create these unique pieces? Read all about it HERE.

Game Time at UT

Fall is all about football!  

We had a blast supporting our boys at UT by hand crafting custom ice bars and seafood trays for the UT Club all season long. Guests were truly wined and dined as they enjoyed fresh seafood from our displays, and cheered the Longhorns to victory!

Not to mention that we had a hand in enticing all-star quarterback, Arch Manning, to UT next season! 

Now we’re not saying that our Longhorns ice sculpture was the deciding factor for Arch, but… after seeing UT pull out all the stops for him, how could he say no?

See what went into this quarter million dollar weekend that brought Arch to Austin HERE.

Hook ‘em Horns!

Ice Sculptures for Weddings

Huge congratulations to all our newlywed wedding clients this year! In 2022, everyone in the industry felt the effects of the post-pandemic wedding boom and we were honored to contribute to so many couples’ big days. 

Many of our couples selected a classic Martini Luge, featuring their personalized monogram. Not only is this luge a show-stopping piece on a wedding day, but guests always get a kick out of having their drink served directly from the ice! 

Did you know that we can add a luge to just about any of our ice sculptures? In many cases, we can even add two luges! 

And the best part? 

There is no extra fee to do so. Consider it a wedding gift from us to you! 

We can’t talk about our 2022 weddings without mentioning our custom ice sculptures! We love when couples get creative and opt for custom pieces that showcase their personalities and love stories. 

Imagine walking into a wedding, seeing this, and not being blown away.

These pieces had these guests raving right into the new year!  

Holiday Ice Sculptures  


That brings us to our favorite (and busiest!) time of year: the holidays! Between trick or treating, cooking turkey, and Christmas shopping, we created a whopping 90 ice sculptures. That doesn’t even include the engraved ice cubes we produced or the New Year’s Eve ice sculptures that are currently in production. 

Yes, the holidays are our most hectic season, but we love it! There’s nothing quite as special as getting to contribute ice products like:

  • Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas themed ice sculptures 
  • Snowflake emblazoned luges 
  • Ice bars 
  • Branded cocktail ice 

It’s a very merry Christmas indeed when we bring in the ice sculptures! 

Goodbye 2022…

That’s a wrap, folks! We’re closing the books on 2022. We can’t leave though without a shoutout to all our incredible clients and vendor partners without whom our events wouldn’t be possible. 

If we listed them all out here, it would be as long as Santa’s naughty & nice list. So we will simply say thank you to all the event planners, venues, caterers, hotels, bars, restaurants, and clients for a mind-blowingly successful 2022, and cheers to 2023. We just adore you! 

Speaking of 2023…

…Hello 2023!

We are continuing the fun right into the new year! If 2022 was our biggest year yet, just wait until you see what we have in store for 2023. 😏 

Early next year, we’re taking it back to our hometown of St. Louis, MO, where everything began. Before Full Spectrum made its way to Texas, we dazzled the good people of St. Louis with our ice sculptures. 

There, we kickstarted a downtown winter festival that has become an institution in the city and we are proud to announce that we will once again be a part of the Loop Ice Carnival! Get ready for all kinds of custom ice sculptures, from live ice carving demonstrations to ice cornhole to branded ice sculptures to “Frozen” themed 3D displays! 

This huge festival is just the tip of the iceberg for 2023! Follow along on our adventures to find out what else we have up our sleeve. 

And who knows? Maybe next year, we’ll be writing about YOUR event! 

Let’s Talk Ice!

Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures designs, produces and displays the highest quality custom ice sculptures for all types of events. Serving the Austin and San Antonio areas, our specialty is creating ice sculptures that are customizable, functional, and most of all, memorable. 

From shot blocks to branded sculptures to craft cocktail ice, we can fulfill all your ice needs. The only limit is your imagination! 

Contact us today to see how we can bring your ice visions to reality! 


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